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Thu 11 April

Sensory Room – Aylesbury – Birth to Pre Walking – Sibling Special

Time 11th April, Thursday 10:00am - 11:00am
Address Haydon Hill Community Centre, Dickens Way, Aylesbury HP19 8SR View map

Sensory Room – Sibling special – Suitable for those with a pre-walking baby and older child

Our multi-sensory room is a calm, quiet and relaxing space, which is designed to support with your child’s development right from birth. The room is darkened and lit by fibre optics and bubble lamps whilst gentle music and essential oils fill the room, giving it a wonderfully magical feel for you and your little one.

Each session is completely parent and baby led, this means there are no instructions or limitations on how you and your little one can explore the sensory room. Please feel free to use this well-deserved, magical hour to simply relax and bond with your little ones, and maybe make some new friends whilst you’re there too!